Car Rental Insurance

In addition to all the preventive measures that are taken, the rapid growth of road traffic, the pace of life and the increasing need for the use of motor vehicles lead to great risks and, unfortunately, huge damages every day.

Safe driving with the Motor Vehicle INSURANCE policy

The insured with a comprehensive insurance policy has the right to compensation for material damage in and on the vehicle in all cases, except when the cause of the accident is alcohol and a driver without a driver's license.

Possession of a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy covers damages for the following insured risks:

- traffic accident,

- fall or impact of an object, etc.,

- fire, lightning strike, explosion,

- storm, hail (hail), snow avalanche, landslide, etc.

- the fall of aircraft of all types,

- manifestations and demonstrations,

- malicious action or abuse of third parties

Notes to the insured

- By changing the ownership of the vehicle or changing the right to use the vehicle, the comprehensive insurance contract ends 24 hours after the new owner takes possession of the vehicle.

- The insured or the Insurance Contractor can pay the premium immediately or in several equal installments according to the agreement.

- The policyholder can pay the comprehensive insurance at a lower price if the Contracts determine the participation in damages (franchise)

-When taking out comprehensive insurance, it is mandatory to mention to the insurance agent that he should specify in the policy which persons other than you and your family members can drive the specified vehicle (co-insured persons).

- If a separate Agreement is made and a supplement is paid, the policy may also include the risk of theft, burglary, vehicle theft, floods, torrents and high water.

- In the event of a risk of theft, immediately upon application, hand over the original vehicle keys, vehicle ownership certificate and vehicle registration certificate to the insurer.