Volkwagen Passat Automatic 2017

Volkwagen Passat Automatic 2017
  • 586 lt


Volkswagen Passat delivers a spacious, comfortable cabin and driving dynamics. Engine of our car is one of the most popular diesel engine in the market and is used in the most of the VAG cars, which is 1.6 TDI combined with DSG transmission. Passat has plenty of advanced tech, including the latest infotainment and active safety options. The Volkswagen Passat is roomy enough for four tall adults, has loads of smaller storage spaces dotted around its cabin. The VW Passat is an extremely comfortable car behind the wheel, again befitting its executive car aspirations. The firm, supportive seats are a treat to sit on and are great over long distances, while the driving position allows a natural relationship between seat, pedals and steering wheel to be achieved by most drivers. Passat is fitted as standard with VW’s Adaptive Cruise Control, which include a city emergency braking system that will react to any obstructions that the driver may miss. It also has front assist, a radar-controlled distance monitoring system, and both cruise control and speed limiter combined.